Step 1

Create your Baby’s Profile

+ Start by creating a profile for your newborn baby.

+ Enter the Date of Birth, along with the preferred Last Name and Middle Name.

+ Select the individual profiles of Parents, or create them if not done already.


Step 2

Access the Name List

+ Once the profile is created, access it under the Newborns tab.

+ Clicking on the profile brings up a Name List page for the respective baby.

+ Use this page for adding the names that are being considered for the baby.


Step 3

Try a few names

+ On the Name List page, punch in a few names and click on Add.

+ The App will return a Score in percentage, on the suitability of that name for the baby, based on the science of Numerology.

+ To begin with, the App gives you 3 choices for free, along with the option to buy more choices using in-app purchases.


Step 4

Get some name suggestions

+ The App also has a Suggest feature, which can be used to get name suggestions for the baby.

+ You can choose to get suggestions from a database of over 30000 Names across 90 different Origins, along with an initial alphabet filter.

+ “Suggest” is a premium feature, and needs to be bought and unlocked inside the app.


Step 5

Shortlist what you like

+ Inside Suggest, the app lines up names based on your preferred search parameters, in descending order of their respective scores.

+ You can add the names that you wish to compare, to the main Name List.

+ Once there are enough name options, you can shortlist the one you like most for your Bundle of Joy. :)

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Check your Compatibility

+ The App has a feature which allows you to check the Compatibility Score between any two individuals, based on the science of Numerology.

+ Use it to check your compatibility with friends, family, spouse, siblings, bosses, partners and colleagues etc.

+ Get to know which aspects are aligned while which are not, and read detailed descriptions on why they are that way and how to word around them.



Insights and Revelations

+ Read detailed interpretations and explanations about your Name and Date of Birth.

+ Use it to get a deeper understanding and greater insight into the personality of people around you.

+ The App is a first of its kind resource that covers both the Pythagorean as well as Chaldean schools of Numerology.



Profiles of Celebrities

+ The Gallery tab of the App contains a list of pre-saved profiles of Celebrities and other prominent Personalities around the world.

+ These profiles can be accessed for using all the features available for individuals, like Interpretations, Compatibility and Baby Naming etc.

+ There are profiles for categories like Billionaires, Politicians, Cricketers, Bollywood and Hollywood etc.

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Amazing concept and beautiful execution I am sure to send the link of this App to all who would be needing names in near future

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