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Following are the 509 African Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AbabuoChild keeps returning130
AbayomiGiving joy232
AbdallaServant Of God103
AbeekuBorn on Wednesday122
AbejeWe asked to have this one126
AbenaBorn on Tuesday, From Akan114
AbeniGirl Prayed for124
AbibaThe Beloved One133
AbimolaBorn To The Rich130
AbiolaGod loving, Born In Honor175
AbionaBorn while on a journey198
AbodBorn on Thursday117
AbonyBorn on Thursday139
AdabelleJoyous and beautiful, From Ada and Belle148
AdammaBeautiful Girl107
AdannaFathers Loving Daughter, One who is the Loving Daughter of a Father, Fathers Pride152
AdanneMotherS Daugther136
AddaeMorning Sun116
AddoKing of the Road113
AdeCrown, Royal153
Adeben12th Born Child119
AdebolaShe met Honor111
AdeniyiCrown has Honour140
AdeolaCrown has Wealth140
AdhiamboBorn after Sunset110
AditaFirst Root, Sun, Basket160
AdjoaBorn on Monday150
AdunniA Child That Everyone Would Like To Have137
AdwinArtist, Intellectual134
AffricaPleasant, From the continent Africa109
AfiBorn On Friday161
AfiaBorn on Friday172
AframA River In Ghana Africa87
AiyanaFlower Blossom125
AjamuHe fights for what he wants268
AjaniHe who wins the Struggle204
AkelloTo Bring Forth107
AkiaFirst Born220


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