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Following are the 1802 American Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AaralynCreated Name154
AbacusClever, Name of a game574
AbayomiGiving joy232
AbbathaCombination of Abby and Tabitha157
AbcdeFirst 5 letters of the alphabet311
AbriannaFrom Abbie and Brianna92
AbsalomFather Of Peace, Son Of King David104
AcasiaCombination of the names Acacia and Asia92
AcelynnBeautiful One182
AchelleForm of Achilles223
AckerleighMeadow Of Oak Trees80
AckerleyOf The Oak Meadow, A dweller in the meadow152
AckersleyMeadow Of Oak Trees90
AcklieMeadow Of Oak Trees95
AdalynnCombination Of ADA And Lynn87
AdemOf the Earth124
AdonicaFrom Adam and Monica73
AdymnOf the Earth88
AerilynBeautiful Air356
AerithCreated Name136
AffricaPleasant, From the continent Africa109
AilaAlternative spelling for Ayla or Isla123
AimDirect Toward Target126
AiraOf the Wind210
AirliaFeminine form of Airline172
AkilahIntelligent, Logical, One who Reasons, Eagle105
AkujiDead and Wake115
AlanaLittle rock168
AlaniLittle rock105
AlannaLittle child117
AlasterStaunch advocate, form of Alastair71
AlayjaCreated Name186
AlaynaRespelling of Elaina160
AlbanseWhite, From the place names Albany101


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