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Following are the 5447 Arabic Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AabidWorshipper, Devotee237
AabirFragrance, Scent, Aroma326
AabisAustere, Stern, Lucky208
AadamMan, Earth, The Biblical Adam is the English Language Equivalent165
AafiaFree from All Worried132
AaidaVisiting, Returning286
AailaBeautiful, Like Moon269
AaimaLeader, Ruler405
AairaNoble, Respectful, Honourable5319
AakifGiven, Attached108
AalaaAugmenting, Increasing136
AaliLofty Enlightened119
AalifCompassionate, Affectionate123
AaliyahHigh, Sublime147
AalyaAugmenting, Increasing275
AaminDivine Grace, Grace of God, God Have it So113
AaqaaMaster, Owner92
AaraaEmbellishing, Adorning133
AaribHandsome, Healthy192
AasafClear, Lined Up87
AasfaProtector, Guardian144
AashiqA Lover A Suitor154
AasilTo Attack Violently and Persistently252
AatiqYoung Woman121
AatiraOf Good Fragrance, Connoisseur Of Fragrances230
AatunEducator, Teacheress132
AayanSpeed, Bright, Gift of God374
AazamSupreme, Powerful, Fearless135
AazifAlabahh was the Nickname of Al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, An Astrologer of Al Mamun250
AazzMightier, Stronger, Dearer, More Beloved461
AbaanOld Arabic Name147
AbaasAlabahh was the Nickname of Al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, An Astrologer of Al Mamun170
AbabSoftness Gracefulness of Youth, Healthy, Plump, Tall264
AbadEverlasting, Eternal, Father, Populated, Flourishing Inhabited, Happy, Prosperous, Father of the Abbey147
AbadiEternal, Endless, Immortal, Pleasantness105
AbahhAlabahh was the Nickname of Al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, An Astrologer of Al Mamun113
AbalWild Rose134
AbarSon of Arphaxad and Grandson of Shem172


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