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Following are the 818 Assamese Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AanandJoy, Bliss229
AaratiForm of Worship, Towards the Highest Love for God298
AaritIntelligent, Respectable Man, One Who Seeks The Right Direction708
AartiForm of Worship, Towards the Highest Love for God341
AashnaBeloved, Cherished317
AasinCalling Himself349
AbdealiFollower of Ali217
AbhasAwareness, Reflection, Feeling138
AbhidiRadiant, Expression, Word, Name206
AbhilaashaWish, Desire, Aspiration132
AbhilashaWish, Desire, Aspiration219
AcaryaTeacher, Another Name for Drona82
AdhikaExcess, Abundant, More, Greater, Special400
AdhirohanName of a King80
AdinarayanLord Vishnu, Leader240
AditiGoddess Lakshmi, Mother of the Gods, Boundless516
AgnijitaBranch of Fire105
AgrajLeader, Senior, A Kings Son141
AgyeyaBeyond Comprehension, Beyond Knowledge138
AhimakarOne who Gives Warmth, The Sun70
AimeeBeloved, Friend141
AjantaEternal Fame, A famous Buddist cave137
AjathBirthless, Shiva, Vishnu, Jina95
AkalpaOrnament, Love of God96
AlishaProtected by God, Of Noble Kind246
AlpanaDesignable Thoughts, Beautiful111
AmbikaGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati239
AmitavLimitless Lustre, Name of Lord Buddha, Most Glorious158
AmmaniGem of a Girl89
AmolPriceless, Valuable367
AmritNector, The Food of the Gods, Which makes One Immortal168
AmritaFull of Nectar, Immortality, Spiritual Holy Water224
AnandJoy, Bliss255
AnantaInfinite, Endless, Lord Balaji214
AnanyaExtraordinary, Without a second391
AnanyoSole, Peerless134
AnbarPerfume, Ambergris, Barn or Granary146
AngithGod Dutta159
AnimaThe Power of Becoming Minute155


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