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This page contains the most exhaustive list of baby names on the planet. It allows expecting and new parents to browse baby names based on either Origin, Initial Alphabet, or a keyword based search. The page covers more than 90 origins, with an extensive list of African Baby Names, American Baby Names, Australian Baby Names, Greek Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names, Muslim Baby Names and Tamil Baby Names etc. from the popular origins, to even the not so widely searched origins like Basque Baby Names, Gaelic Baby Names, Teutonic Baby Names and Yiddish Baby Names etc. Parents can also browse for baby names starting with a specific alphabet of their choice. The internal list of baby names further allow parents to filter names based on gender, alphabet and origin respectively. Also, the My Favorites page serves as an archive, where parents can shortlist and save baby names that they like. Lastly if you are a parent, and are confused as to which name should I give to my newborn baby, and are unable to decide a good name for your kid, then you must download the NameMyWorld mobile app from the Android and iOS App Stores, to get help in choosing a suitable name for your newborn.