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Following are the 72 Breton Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AdeliceNoble Kind, Of the Noble Sort102
AelUnknown, Perhaps150
AelaUnknown, Perhaps631
AergadStrong in Battle142
AlouarnAn Iron Brow110
AnnaegGrace, Favour81
AnnickGracious, Merciful145
AodrenOf High Birth105
AodrenaOf High Birth96
AoureganOne with a Golden Face107
AourgenGold and Beautiful104
ArgantaelNoble Silver102
ArmelBear Prince117
ArmelaBear Prince193
ArmellePrincess, Bear Prince106
ArvenBattle Worthy or Carnage Worthy179
ArvinFriend to All, Battle Worthy, Carnage Worthy115
ArzhelBear Prince96
ArzhelaBear Prince106
ArzhurBear Man78
AzeliceNoble Kind, Of the Noble Sort137
AzilisNoble Kind, Of the Noble Sort155
ConanHound, Wolf153
ConantLittle Wolf hound141
CorentinRelative or Storm82
DenielGod is my Judge101
ElouanGood Light130
FransezaFrom France90
GwilhermWill, Desire and Helmet, Protection99
HaerviuBattle Worthy or Carnage Worthy80
HarvieArmy warrior151
HervBattle Worthy or Carnage Worthy172
HerveWarrior, Battle Worthy, Carnage Worthy114
JodocusExperienced in Battle83
JosseExperienced in Battle154
JostExperienced in Battle228
JoyceLittle Lord, Experienced in Battle80
LoanGood Light161


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