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Following are the 109 Buddhist Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AnzanQuiet Mountain328
AshwaghoshName of Buddhist philosopher132
BaikaPlum Blossom133
BankeiTen Thousand Blessings116
BanzanIndestructible Mountain98
BashoBanana Plant132
BassuiHigh Above Average152
BensenBe Diligent96
BodhidharmaAll-Pervading EnLightened Mind, EnLightenMent Teaching224
BuddhaAwakened, Lord Buddha187
BuddhamitraFriend of Buddha135
ButsugenBuddha Eye101
ButsujuBuddha-Life, Buddha-Age101
ChikoLight of Wisdom122
ChimonWisdom Gate216
ChinshuCalm Prefecture, Calm Place229
ChoreiTransparent Spirituality190
ChosuiPurifying Water95
ChozenClear, Transparent, Meditation, Practice176
ChugaiTranscending Universe117
DaeshimGreat Mind181
DaibaiBig Plum151
DaidenGreat Transmission203
DaidoGreat Way254
DaijiGreat Compassion186
DaikakuGreat EnLightenMent150
DaikanGreat Contemplation148
DaikoGreat Light498
DaininGreat Patience, Great Endurance186
DaishinGreat Truth, Boundless Reality228
DashinPeaceful Heart788
DawaBorn on a MonDay136
DechenHealth and Happiness155
DenkatsuActivity Like Lightning290
DikiHealthy and wealthy251
DipankaraOne who Lights Lamps, Lord of Lights119
DohnaA female deity102
DojinPath of Love246
DokaiWay Formality, Way Steps148


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