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Following are the 40 Cricket Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AdamMan, Of the Earth189
AllanLittle rock129
BarryFair headed139
BrianHigh, Noble115
CliveCliff Dweller97
CourtneyA French Dynasty Name78
DenisDevotee of Dionysos59
DennisDevotee of Dionysos74
DonWorld Leader, Man123
FredPeace Ruler72
GarySpear Rule157
GeoffreyGod peace143
GlennFrom the wooded valley71
GraemeFrom the Gray Homestead73
GregVigilant, Watchful97
IanGod is Gracious161
JackDiminutive form of John or Jackson190
KapilName of an Indian Sage95
KeithName of a Place167
KevinHandsome, Beautiful121
KumarSon, Prince, A Boy217
MahendraLord of the Sky, Lord Indra, Lord Vishnu213
MalcolmFollower of St. Columbus69
RahulEfficient, Capable, Son of Lord Buddha, Conqueror of all Miseries322
RichardBrave ruler94
RickyBrave Ruler80
SachinPure, Existence, Essence, Lord Shiva297
SanathWith A Protector384
ShaneGod is Gracious122
ShaunGod is Gracious151
SidneyContraction of St. Denys109
SteveForm of Stephen152
SunilDark Blue, Sapphire256


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