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Following are the 66 Czech Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AlenaRock, Light167
AlexandrDefending Men128
AlzbetaMy God is a Vow118
AnetaGrace, Favour166
BedrichA peaceful ruler96
BohdanGift of God, Proud Ruler167
BohuslavGlory from God, God's Glory136
BohuslavaGlory from God, God's Glory119
BozidarDivine Gift, Godly Gift138
BozkaDivine Gift, Godly Gift126
DanahFrom Denmark, Form of Dana, God is my judge107
DobrilaGood, Kind119
EliskaMy God is a Vow185
EvzenOf noble birth160
FialaViolet Flower204
FredericPeaceful Ruler105
FrederikPeaceful Ruler158
FredricPeaceful Ruler, Magical Counsel, From the Old German Name Frithuric, Elf144
FredrikPeaceful Ruler, Magical Counsel, From the Old German Name Frithuric, Elf100
JakubThe Supplanter, One who Takes the Place of Another, A Biblical Name181
KamilaNoble, Complete, Perfect, From a Roman family name199
KarelFree Woman, A Free Person, Feminine form of Charles or Carl196
KazimirThe great destroyer140
KornelA Horn97
KrystofBearer of Christ139
KubaOne who Supplants125
LadislavGlorious Rule185
LadislavaGlorious Rule118
LidaNoble, Kind, People's Favor274
LudmilaPeople, Tribe, Grace, Favour188
LudmillaPeople, Tribe, Grace, Favour160
LyudmylaPeople, Tribe, Grace, Favour195
MareczekFrom the God Mars, War-like151
MarekFrom the God Mars, War-like142
MarikFrom the God Mars138
MarochkaFrom the God Mars185
MaxmilianLittle Maximus164


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