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Following are the 5773 English Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AaricRule with Mercy151
AbadEverlasting, Eternal, Father, Populated, Flourishing Inhabited, Happy, Prosperous, Father of the Abbey147
AbbeFather in Rejoicing113
AbbieJoy of the Father184
AbboLover, Beau, Red Rising Sun, Red Dawn116
AbbotFather, Priest96
AbbyJoy of the Father116
AbeFather of Nations176
AbellExhalation of Breath, A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible219
AbieFather of Nations155
AccaLover, Beau86
AchaElf Counselor168
AckerDweller in the meadow120
AckerleyOf The Oak Meadow, A dweller in the meadow152
AckleyA dweller in the Oak tree meadow82
ActonFrom the Oak tree settlement158
AdairNoble Spear, Form of Edgar191
AdarHigh, Eminent, Prince, Ruler, Fire, Noble, Exalted91
AdcokLover, Beau98
AddaLover, Beau, Noble, Kind, Brightness, Red Rising Sun, Red Dawn161
AddiFirst, Noble, Kind, Brightness165
AddieDiminutive form of names begenning with Ad-210
AddisNew, Masculine, Son of Adam, Son of the Red Earth95
AddisenSon of Adam A man of the red earth138
AddisonChild of Adam163
AdelidElf Counselor73
AdelizGood, Elf Counselor331
AdelynWoman of Magdala225
AdgarLover, Beau118
AdisonSon of Adam A man of the red earth89
AdneyCute, Populer, Rainbow, Pleasure, Lives on the Noble Island131
AdnyLives on the Nobles Island79


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