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Following are the 241 Gaelic Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AdamaFeminine Of Adam85
AedanLittle fire, Born of fire, The little fiery one137
AffricaPleasant, From the continent Africa109
AfiicPleasant Also from the name of the continent78
AfiikaPleasant Also from the name of the continent93
AfilcahPleasant Also from the name of the continent95
AhearnA horsekeeper, A steward186
AherinA horsekeeper, A steward167
AhernA horsekeeper, A steward132
AilinFair, Handsome, Rock, Comely166
AncelaA heavenly messenger, An angel, Form of Angela145
AndreannaCourageous A boy or girls name91
AndreeaCourageous A boy or girls name99
AngelitaA heavenly messenger, An angel, Form of Angela117
AngiolaA heavenly messenger, An angel, Form of Angela124
AnjelaA heavenly messenger, An angel, Form of Angela108
AnnanFrom the stream104
AnwellThe beloved, dear one84
AnwylThe beloved, dear one94
AnwyllThe beloved, dear one89
AnyonAn anvil95
ArgyllFrom the land of the Gaels Also the name of a Scottish county92
ArlanA pledge191
BanningBlond Child65
BariSkillful, Beautiful, Brilliant, Outstanding, Creator, Deity, Spear thrower, Marksman, Sharp, Pointed, A Place Name, To Select220
BarieLike a spear149
BarriLike a spear188
BarrisLike a spear185
BeathanScottish form of Benjamin Son of my right hand93
BennieScottish form of Benjamin Son of my right hand88
BlaireDweller on the Plain, Feminine form of Blair, Flatland, From the Plain or Field, Battle Field85
BreandanA raven148
BriantStrong one76
BricThe son of Rice77
BrodieA ditch106
BryherThe name of one of the Scilly Isles, off the coast of Cornwall92
CadmanA man of battle113
CaedmonA wise warrior114
CalynPure, From the name Catherine or Katherine140


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