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Following are the 923 Greek Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AcaciaThorny tree133
AcanthaFrom The Plant Acanthus179
AccaliaMythical Greek Name145
AchillaA handsome figure in Greek mythology The feminine form of Achilles142
AchilleoA handsome figure in Greek mythology93
AchlysMist, darknesss178
AdeiphoA brother108
AdoniaFeast of Adonis, My Lord is God151
AdraMore Knowledgeable, Better Informed, Hard, Rock, Virgin, Beauty298
AdriaPerson from Hadria (Northern Italy)134
AegeaFeminine Of Agues179
AeolaFeminine Of Areolas God Of The Winds247
AfroditeGoddess Of Love Beauty105
AgaliaBright Joy116
AgamemnonVery resolute132
AgashaLongsuffering, form of Agatha164
AgathaVirtuous, Good131
AgatheGood, kind, honourable St Agatha was a rdcentury Sicilian martyr110
AgathyGood, kind, honourable St Agatha was a rdcentury Sicilian martyr167
AgattaHonorable and patient, form of Agatha186
AgnesPure, Chaste144
AgnolaPure, chaste The name of a saint of the Middle Ages201
AguedaGood, kind, honourable St Agatha was a rdcentury Sicilian martyr146
AjaxOf the earth170
AkanthaThorn 149
AkayshaEverlasting, tree248
AkillesHeroic, form of Achilles136
AkilleysA handsome figure in Greek mythology122
AlannisFrom Atlanta119
AlcinaStrong minded, A sorceress in Greek mythology142
AldaraA winged gift113
AlecksProtector of men142
AlejoProtector of men149
AlekaForm of Alexander, Helper and Defender of Mankind157
AlekosThe protector and helper of mankind Variation of Sanders124


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