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Following are the 1061 Hebrew Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AaranExalted, On High, A Lion175
AaronExalted, Strong175
AbagaelFathers joy From Abigail, but also used as independent name89
AbagailFathers joy65
AbanaConstant, Evelasting103
AbdielServant of God102
AbelA breath119
AbeleExhalation of Breath, A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible86
AbellExhalation of Breath, A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible219
AbigailSource of Joy131
AbihailFathers joy84
AbileneLand of Meadows95
AbilioFathers joy89
AbirPerfume, Colour, Thinker, Traveller, Strong, Red Powder, The Red Colour Used in Holi Festival273
AbishaGift of God204
AbiyramHigh Father101
AbleExhalation of Breath, A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible123
AbnerFather of Light78
AbraMother of Nations93
AbrahamFather of Nations162
AbramHigh Father151
AbramioFather of a multitude97
AbramoFather of a multitude76
AbranFather of a multitude89
AbsolomFather is Peace87
AchaziaThe Lord holds69
AdamMan, Of the Earth189
AdaminaOf the Earth91
AdaraExalted, Praise, Virgin173
AdayaJewel of God118
AdenaForm of Adina108
AdeniaSlender and delicate A biblical name134
AdielGod's Ornament121
AdiellaAn ornament of God65
AdinBeautiful, Adorned90


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