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Following are the 127 Hollywood Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AdamMan, Of the Earth189
AdrienForm of Adrian95
AlShort for names beginning with AL123
AngelinaMessenger of God127
AnneGracious, Merciful142
AnthonyMeaning not known100
ArnoldEagle power107
AudreyNoble Strength105
BenForm of Benjamin or Benedict110
BetteGod is my oath64
BlakePale blond one or dark131
BradFrom the Broad Meadow83
BradleyFrom the Broad Meadow57
BruceFrom the town of bruis77
CameronBent Nose112
CateDiminutive form of Catherine103
CatherinePure 115
ChanningFrom the place of Cana's people76
CharlizeFeminine form of Charles94
ChrisDiminutove form of names in Chris-139
ChristianFollower of Christ133
ClintDiminutive form of Clinton116
CobieWar Leader, Chief, Battle Chieftain111
DanielGod is my Judge160
DenzelFrom Denzell in Cornwall136
DonWorld Leader, Man123
DustinThor's stone96
DwayneDark, Black68
EddieForm of names beginning with Ed80
EdwardWealthy Guardian136
ElizabethGod is My Oath134
GeoffreyGod peace143
GerardBrave Spearman126
GlennFrom the wooded valley71
GretaA Pearl143
GwynethFortunate, Blessed75
HalleHome Rule73
HarrisonSon of Harry67


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