If My Name Was

IfMyNameWas was a contest hosted by NameMyWorld, where participants had to write a post in a particular format, to express a creative and funny analogy.
Prize for IfMyNameWas contest, held by NameMyWorld
Check out the link to the contest and more details on Facebook – Play IfMyNameWas and win Apple iPod Shuffle, and the announcement on our blog here.

Following are some fun facts from the contest,
: On Facebook :
- 73 people participated
- 214 posts written
- 1793 people liked these posts
- 327 comments received
* Highest number of posts by a single person – 18
: On Twitter :
- 38 people participated
- 412 tweets written
* Highest number of tweets by a single person – 99

This is the week-long activity track of IfMyNameWas hashtag on Twitter,
Twitter activity tracking of IfMyNameWas hashtag

Here are the winners, with their respective prizes,
Winners of IfMyNameWas contest, held by NameMyWorld

This is the post that won,


These were the other 6 finalists,







And some more commendable posts,









This is a collage of all the above posts, used for polling,
Collage of all IfMyNameWas posts, used for polling