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Following are the 1485 Indian-mythology Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AadithyakethuSon of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, One of the Kauravas157
Aagneya Son of Agni, Son of the Fire God199
AandaleebThe Bulbul (bird)94
AanjaneyaSon of Anjani, Lord Hanuman180
AaryaGoddess Parvati, Goddess Durga799
AashutoshOne who fulfills Wishes instantly114
AatishExplosive, A Dynamic Person, Fireworks, Lord Ganesha274
AbhayanSon of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, One of the Kauravas151
AbhijeetVictorious, One who has conquered140
AbhimanyuThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat (A prominent Hindu Folklore)180
AcaryatanayaKnowledgeable Person100
AchalesvaraGod of the Immovable, Lord Shiva, The Himalayas136
AcharyaGuru or Teacher137
AchintyaLord Shiva, Inconceivable, Beyond Comprehension326
AchutaImperishable, Indestructible, A name of Vishnu816
AchyutImperishable, Indestructible, Lord Vishnu153
AchyutaImperishable, Indestructible, Lord Vishnu143
AchyuthaLord Balaji154
AdhirathaThe foster father of Karna144
AdinathLord Vishnu142
AdiseshLord Vishnu181
AdiShankaraThe first Hindu philosopher who consolidated the principles of the Advaita Vedanta115
AdithA new beginning, First ray of the Sun, From the beginning855
AditiGoddess Lakshmi, Mother of the Gods, Boundless516
AdvaitUnique, Absolute, One and only464
AdvaitaFocused, Unique, Non Sharing144
AgastyaVirtuous Person, Name of a Sage481
AgneyaSon of the Fire God, Son of Agni113
AgneyastraAgneyastra is the Fire weapon, Incepted by God Agni, Master of the Flames155
AgniHindu Fire God114
AgnihotraA sacrifice to God Agni127
AgniveshBright as Fire, Dhronacharya's Guru157
AhalyaWithout any deformation, Wife of Gautam Rishi, A Woman who was saved by Lord Rama143
AhiMeans Snake196
AhilyaWife of Gautam Rishi, A Woman who was saved by Lord Rama, Without any Deformation173
AhladajananiGoddess Lakshmi97
AiraawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Lord Indra111
AiravatLord Indra's White Elephant297
AiravataLord Indra's White Elephant100
AirawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Lord Indra108
AiyappanName of a Hindu God, Ever Infancy106
AjatasatruHaving no Enemy, Friend of all born things, An epithet for Yudhishthira153
AjiteshLord Vishnu177
AkaryatanayaKnowledgeable Person107
AkhurathOne who has Mouse as His Charioteer122


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