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Following are the 188 Kashmiri Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AaratiForm of Worship, Towards the Highest Love for God298
AartiForm of Worship, Towards the Highest Love for God341
AasaHope, Aspiration246
AashaHope, Aspiration226
AbdulaliServant of God138
AbdulazizServant of the powerful, Servant of the Beloved One92
AbdulganiServant of the Self-Sufficient, Servant of the generous One252
AbdulghaniServant of the Self-Sufficient, Servant of the generous One107
AbdulrahamanServant of the Beneficent94
AbdulraheemServant of the Merciful, Servant of the Compassionate One93
AbdulrahmanServant of the Gracious and Beneficient128
AbhinandaGreetings, Felicitous, Welcoming165
AbhinavAn Act, Brand New, Quite New524
AditiGoddess Lakshmi, Mother of the Gods, Boundless514
AdityaAnother name for the Sun, Son of Aditi323
AjayInvincible, Unconquered279
AlimohammedServant of God98
AmitLimitless, Endless, Incomparable Lord369
AnjanaMother of Hanuman, Mother of Anjaneya194
ArunSun, The Dawn319
AshaHope, Aspiration258
AshokWithout Sadness257
AssalamThe Eternal122
BharatBeing Maintained, Another Name for the Hindu God of Fire167
BirbalBrave Heart, A Courtier in the administration of the Mughal emperor Akbar123
BrajPlace of Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna176
BrijPlace of Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna136
BrijmohanPlace of Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna98
ChandrakantaLord Shiva148
ChitherChaitra - A Month in Hindu Calendar113
DamodaraLord Krishna, Lord Balaji, Tied with a rope around the Belly130
DeepakLamp, Light335
DiddaDidda Rani was One of the celebrated queens and ruler of Kashmir109
DinanathProtector of the Poor, Lord of the Poor93
DurgaGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati140
DurghaGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati170
FarokhFortunate, Blessed, Power of Discrimination188
FarooqueFortunate, Blessed, Power of Discrimination186
GangaThe Holy Indian River142
GangaramLord of the River Ganges389


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