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Following are the 2008 Malayali Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AadeshMessage, Order, Command267
AadiImportant, First, Beginning385
AadyaLight, Earliest, One who is Always First and Best, Name of Adisakthi, Parvathi782
AakaashThe Sky, Vast like the Sky194
AakashThe Sky, Vast like the Sky522
AalokBrightness, Light, Cry of Victory, A Man with lovely Hair242
AalokaLustrous, The capital of Kuvera126
AaraadhanaWorship, Prayer243
AarohiA Music Tune453
AarthMeaning, Wealth, Red Glimpse, God235
AasaHope, Aspiration246
AashaHope, Aspiration226
AbhijeetVictorious, One who has conquered140
AbhilaashaWish, Desire, Aspiration132
AbhilashWish, Desire, Aspiration280
AbhilashaWish, Desire, Aspiration219
AbhinavAn Act, Brand New, Quite New525
AbhishekRitual, An Auspicious Bath for a Deity433
AbimanyuThe Son of Arjuna180
AdeshMessage, Order, Command232
AdishaWithout Direction, Laxmi Devi, Heavenly, Related to Adishakti2485
AditiGoddess Lakshmi, Mother of the Gods, Boundless516
AditriHighest Honour, Goddess Lakshmi337
AdyaFirst, Unparalleled182
AghoshQuiet, Soundless, Directionless98
AgrajLeader, Senior, A Kings Son141
AgyeyaBeyond Comprehension, Beyond Knowledge138
AikyaAmalgamation, Joining Together, Meld669
AishiGods Gift215
AjalaThe Earth, Eternal154
AjarThe God, Without an Enemy106
AjayInvincible, Unconquered279
AjeetVicorious, Invincible, Unconquerable193
AjimiSun of Sun171


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