NameMyWorld FAQs

Following are the NameMyWorld FAQs,


+ What is NameMyWorld?

NameMyWorld is an app that helps parents decide a suitable name for their newborns, based on the science of Numerology.

+ How can it help me name my baby?

The app uses a unique algorithm to evaluate the baby names of your choice, and gives you a percentage score about their numerological suitability, with respect to the birth date of your baby.

+ How can I trust this app for my baby?

Parents always try things themselves first, before giving anything to their babies. And this app is no exception to that rule. Therefore we encourage parents to test this app, by creating their own individual profiles, and verifying what the app has to say about them. And only when they are satisfied, they should use the app for naming their babies.

Also one major reason why you should further trust the app is that, we love kids and know how important they are, not only for you but for the future of this world on a whole. Hence we have put in 5 years of extensive quantified research into the app, so that your baby gets only the best.

Usage and Pricing

+ How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download, but certain features and services need to be purchased and unlocked from within the app.

+ Why do I have to create profiles?

The app uses a profile based interface, so that users store their details only once and make use of services effortlessly, from time to time.

+ Which services are free?

You can read detailed interpretations for your name and date of birth, and check your compatibility with other people, among other things for free.

+ Which services are payable?

The app lets you evaluate any 3 names for your baby for free, and for more choices you can buy packs of 10, 25 or 50 names. Also you can buy and unlock a premium feature called Suggest, which provides you the best name recommendations for your baby, from over 30000 names across 90 origins.

+ Are purchases transferable?

No. The purchases are tied independently to each profile and are not transferable.

+ Are purchases renewable?

No. The purchases are single use consumables and cannot be renewed. So deleting a particular name option after evaluation will not renew the used counter.

+ What happens if I delete a profile?

As long as you don’t delete the app altogether, the purchases remain intact and can still be availed by re-creating the profile.