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Following are the 2496 Baby Names starting with D and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
DaBig, Great, God has Judged, Gift of God, Feminine form of Daniel185
DaafiOne who Expels Prevents123
DaaiAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad128
DaaimContinual, Listing148
DaamodarLord Krishna144
DaanWise, Prudent, Charity116
DaanaWise and Prudent133
DaanaaWise, Intelligent100
DaaneeshKnowledge, Wisdom87
DaanikaMorning Star296
DaanishClever, Foreseeing, Wise, Knowledgeable, Learned, Full Of Knowledge158
DaaoodThe Biblical David is the English Language Equivalent, A Prophets Name122
DaarinaShe Lived Between155
DaarukCharioteer of Krishna, Tree147
DaavidForm of David88
DabNature, Habit, Manifestation132
DabaKind words, bee swarm136
DabaranThose who are Behind101
DabbsA Historical Blacksmith with Supernatural Powers, Gift from God84
DabertBright action119
DabhitA Hermit Praised in the Vedas94
DabneyFrom the city of Aubigny, France129
DabogGiver of Fortune, Giving God139
DaboorMorning Breeze114
DaboraBaptist of Bible104
DabriaName of an angel76
DacLasting, God has Judged, Gift of God, Feminine form of Daniel, Form of Dante116
DacaAvenged, Vindicated, Combination of Deana and Dina144
DaceSoutherner, Of the Nobility124
DaceyMeaning not known98
DachbogGiver of Fortune, Giving God117
DaciaFrom the City of Dacia142
DacianFrom the City of Dacia108
DacieThe southerner A boy or girls name131
DackReference to the French Town Dax127
DadOld Arabic Name127
DadaElder One, Grandfather121


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