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Following are the 1480 Baby Names starting with I and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
IaanGiven by the Gods, Everything is possible with God378
IaganThe little fiery one144
IaianGod is gracious The Scottish form of John105
IaicchikThe Earth79
IaichikGiven by the Gods, Everything is possible with God92
IainGod is Gracious158
IanGod is Gracious161
IanatAssistance, Help, Aid153
IannaGod is Gracious143
IanthaViolet Colored Flower143
IantheViolet Colored Flower172
IanthinaA violetcoloured flower Variation of lolanthe132
IantoGift of God137
IaraWater Lady109
IarereTo descend, Descendant93
IbGod is Perfection, Baals Pledge, Bal was an Ancient God of the Semites173
IbaadThe Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent161
IbadServants, Slaves147
IbadahShe was the Daughter of Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Bin Hibbat Allah Bin Khuldoon, She Narrated Hadith99
IbadatPrayer, Worship, Devotion187
IbanGod is Gracious217
IbbaniHoney Dew188
IbdarLight of the Full Moon109
IbeamakaThe agnates are splendid102
IbhaStrong like an Elephant149
IbhanLord Ganesha, Elephant faced751
IbhananLord Ganesha, Elephant faced111
IbhananaLord Ganesha106
IbhapalaGiven by the Gods105
IbhiFemale Elephant85
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants85
IbilaA breath A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible72
IbisLong-Legged Bird201
IbkarEarly Morning78
IbrahamEarth, Father of a Multitude, Another name of Prophet 'Abraham'96
IbraheemName of a Prophet, The Biblical Abraham is the English Language equivalent150


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