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Following are the 2352 Baby Names starting with N and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
NaabhiCentre of Body, An Ancient King87
NaabihNoble, Famous, Eminent, Distinguished, Brilliant124
NaadimRepentant, Regretful99
NaadirDear, Rare74
NaagA big serpent, Cobra166
NaagadathaSon of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, One of the Kauravas109
NaagarjunAn Ancient Philosopher143
NaagdharOne Who Wears Cobra60
NaagendraKing of the Serpents112
NaageshGod of Serpents63
NaagpalSaviour of Serpents103
NaagpatiKing Of Serpents (Vaasuki)57
NaagraajKing Of The Serpents119
NaagrajKing of Serpents, Sheshnaag89
NaaibVariant of Naib, Delegate, Substitute86
NaailAcquirer, Earner, Variant of Nail95
NaailaVariant of Naila, Winner99
NaajiVariant of Naji, Useful, Beneficial85
NaajiaFree, Escaped115
NaajidahCourageous, One Who Accompany Difficult Tasks143
NaakeshMoon, The Lord of Heaven89
NaalBirth, Name of a Saint172
NaamaSweetness, Pleasantness, My Delight117
NaamadolUnwavering in Naam61
NaamahSweet, Pleasant135
NaamaharOne who is Sustained by Naam133
NaambirBrave who Remembers the Lord116
NaamdeepLamp of Naam110
NaamdevName of a Saint100
NaamdhanEarning the Wealth of Naam131
NaamdhunMelody of Naam217
NaamgeetSongs of Naam115
NaamjasPraises of Naam89
NaamjeevAbsorbed in Naam127
NaamjodhWarrior Absorbed in Naam124
NaamjogUnion with Naam118
NaamjotLight of Naam76
NaamleenAbsorbed in Naam106
NaamlivAbsorbed in Naam107
NaamlokThose who Drink Elixir of Naam75


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