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Following are the 1833 Baby Names starting with V and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
VaachaspatiLord Of Speech76
VaagaiName of A Flower134
VaagdeviGoddess of Learning, Goddess Saraswati85
VaageeshLord Of Speech102
VaakSpeech, The Spoken Word165
VaakpatiGreat Orator66
VaalakySon of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, One of the Kauravas116
VaalmeekiAn Ancient Saint, Ramayan Author75
VaamanLord Vishnu107
VaamdevName of a Shiva88
VaanadhiMilky Way103
VaanavanFrom the Sky, Godly147
VaaneeSpeech, Voice of the Guru, Goddess Saraswati123
VaaniSpeech, Voice of the Guru, Goddess Saraswati203
VaanyaIdle Daughter174
VaapaarTrade, Vocation84
VaapaarvaparTrade Vocation68
VaasantiSpring Festival, Durga98
VaasavadattaA Name In Sanskrit Classics102
VaasuLord Vishnu125
VaasudaevaraavOrder, Announcement91
VaasvikOrder, Announcement300
VaathavegaSon of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, One of the Kauravas95
VaatsyaayanA Saint, Kamasutra Author64
VaayuWind, Vital Air136
VacanaOath, Order109
VachanbirBrave who Keeps his Promise73
VachanpreetOne who Love Promise77
VachaspatiLord of Speech105
VacheNomadic Cart98
VachiGoddess Lakshmi447
VachspatiAnother Name for God Murugan59
VachyaGoddess Sita120
VaclavCzech Form of Wenceslas83


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