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Following are the 797 Baby Names starting with W and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
WaahibLiberal, Donor88
WaahidSingle, Exclusive, Unequalled106
WaailVariant of Wail, One who returns back for Shelter111
WaaizVariant of Waiz, Preacher, Advisor90
WaajidahOne who Achieves Her Goals in Life, Beloved73
WaalbaqiThe Everlasting94
WaaliThe Governor, He who Directs, Manages, Conducts, Measure103
WaamiqLoving, Friendly77
WaapalaaPlaying Fox95
WaathiqConfident, Strong69
WabanangEastern (Morning) Star88
WabibaGiver, Donor75
WabisaSomething Bright92
WabisahBin Mabad Ra had This Name73
WaclawGreat Fame91
WaddahUnique person of the Age112
WaddiaAmicable, Friendly97
WadeeCalm, Peaceful, Gentle72
WadiCalm, Peaceful, Gentle142
WadiaUnique person of the Age201
WadiahCalm, Peaceable85
WadidUnique person of the Age101
WadleyFrom Wades Meadow96
WadoodLover, Warmhearted, Affectionate, Friend, Beloved, Alwadood, The Allloving, One of the Names of Allah77
WadudOne of the Ninetynine Names of God85
WaelSeeking Shelter, Rescue96
WafaiFaithfulness, Fidelity, Loyalty, Faith97
WafaqatFriendship, Closeness86
WafeeqSuccessful, Triumphant96
WafeeqaSuccessful, Triumphant99
WafeeqahSuccessful, Triumphant93
WafiFaithful, Complete, Loyal, Another name for God97


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