Play our “IfMyNameWas” contest, and win Apple iPod Shuffle

Play our IfMyNameWas contest, and win Apple iPod Shuffle

Here’s your chance to WIN the gorgeous Apple iPod Shuffle, by playing our “IfMyNameWas” contest..
: How to play :
Write a post in the format, “#IfMyNameWas (name of any person / thing), (followed by anything funny or witty that you can think of)”..

For example, “#IfMyNameWas Amitabh Bachhan, I would have been the father of the nation” or “#IfMyNameWas Gabbar Singh, I would know when Holi is” etc.. For more examples, click the hashtag to see what others are writing..
: Duration :
1st May 2014 – 7th May 2014

: Terms :
- The 1 most unique and catchy post will win the Apple iPod Shuffle..
- Winner will be announced on 8th May 2014..
- The prize will be shipped for free, but across India only..
- Participants from outside India can provide an Indian address, if they win..
- The contest is valid on Facebook and Twitter only..
- If you are posting on Facebook, make sure to mark that post as Public..
- There is no restriction on the number of posts you write..

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So, what are you going to write?? :)

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