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Following are the 68 Swedish Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AlgotNoble, Great119
AndersonMale, Son of Andrew94
ArvidEagle of the Woods, Brave Warrior114
ArwedEagle of the Woods127
BarbroExtraordinary, Strange, Foreign71
BeckaTo Tie, Snare102
BerginLoquacious, lives on the hill96
BergrenMountain stream80
BibiAlive, Lady160
DahliaA Flower named after Botanist A. Dahl109
DaliaA Branch, Dweller of the Valley, Bough125
DevnetHome of the Danes118
ElofLone Descendant, Forever Heir182
ElufLone Descendant125
FiskeA Fisherman80
GjordPeace of God127
GjurdPeace of God150
GregerVigilant, Watchful, Cautious146
GunillaBattle Maiden123
HenrikaHome Ruler103
HilmarNotorious Noble95
IngerMeaning not known177
JorgenFarmer, Earth Worker166
JoriDescending, Flowing Down, Variant of Jordan, Of the Jordan River164
KalleFree Man179
KareenaFlower, Pure, Innocent, Dear Little One256
KarinaFlower, Pure, Innocent, Dear Little One229
KatrPure Variation of Catherine, Karen and Kathleen190
KettilSacrificial Cauldron139
LindbergLime Tree Mountain126
LindberghLime Tree Mountain86
LindellLime Tree150
LinnaeaLinnaea Flower148
LoffeLinnaea Flower172
MalinLone Descendant, Of Magdala161
MansOf Magdala135
MargetA Pearl, Beloved, Infinite, Endless, Star of the Sea85
MargetteA Pearl108


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