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NameMyWorld’s First Anniversary

NameMyWorld's First Anniversary
It is NameMyWorld’s 1st Anniversary.. Take a look at the year that was, and how we fared.. :) Read more →

Play our “JustBeingMyName” contest, and win Apple Earpods

Play our JustBeingMyName contest, and win Apple Earpods

Here’s your chance to win the revolutionary Apple Earpods, by participating in our “JustBeingMyName” contest..
: How to play :
You need to write a post where you must express your NAME or its MEANING in a funny or witty manner, or share some interesting trivia around it.. For example, a person whose name is Ravi, can write something like “Punctuality is my middle name” or “Have seen East and West many times.. Thinking of visiting North for a change..” etc.. And in the end, hashtag it with #JustBeingMyName and #NameMyWorld..

: Duration :
10th March 2014 – 15th March 2014

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