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[Infographic] Numerology – NameMyWorld

Numerology Infographic by NameMyWorld

NUMEROLOGY Infographic
(by NameMyWorld)


: About :

Numerology is the science that assigns a numerical value to each alphabet in a name, to interpret and gain deeper insights in the nature of a person.


: Types & Popularity :

Pythagorean (70%)
Named after the Greek mathematician and philosopher “Pythagoras”, who re-invented this science around 570 BC.

Chaldean (25%)
Named after “Chaldea”, a place in Ancient Babylonia, where this science was allegedly invented and practiced.

Chinese (4%)
Named after the “Chinese” civilization, which assigns a meaning, instead of an alphabet, to each number.

Hebrew (1%)
Named after the people of “Hebrew”, who are said to have been introduced to this study by the Chaldeans.

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