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Following are the 244 Teutonic Baby Names and their meanings

Name Meaning Views Favorite
AbelardoNobly resolute87
AimeryIndustrious ruler106
AlardResolute, Noble, Steadfast110
AlartA noble ruler98
AlbrechtNoble, bright75
AlbretteNoble and illustrious The feminine form of Albert, and also the name of a Canadian province72
AlbyWhite, Fair, A City on a White Hill, From Alba100
AldeaOld, Prosperous, Rich124
AlfonsaNoble and ready Feminine form of Alphonse73
AlfonsineNoble and ready Feminine form of Alphonse68
AlisheaNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one110
AlissNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one113
AllettaNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one94
AllyshaNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one114
AllyssaNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one91
AlphonsinaNoble and ready Feminine form of Alphonse117
AlphonsineNoble and ready Feminine form of Alphonse80
AlseiaNoble, The wise counsellor, The truthful one101
AltmanAn old wise man70
AlyNoble, Wise counsellor, Truthful, High, Exhalted One134
AlysNoble, Wise counsellor, Truthful, Of the Nobility, Variant of Alice109
AlyseNoble, Wise counsellor, Truthful, Of the Nobility, Variant of Alice71
AmahnaIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily99
AmaleaIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily82
AmeheIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily171
AmeilieIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily101
AmelaIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily273
AmeleaIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily166
AmiliaIndustrious, striving Variation of Emily90
AndromacheA name from Shakespeare's play Troilus Cressida89
AnselmaA divine helmet The feminine form of Anselm68
ArchardSacred and powerful96
ArchyVery bold89
ArkadyVery bold76
ArkyVery bold104
ArlettaAn eagle98
ArminieA warrior maid The feminine form of Herman Variation of Erma73
ArnaldStrong as an eagle A name introduced to England by the Normans87
ArnaldaStrong as an eagle Feminine form of Arnold87
ArnallA gracious eagle136
ArnaultStrong as an eagle A name introduced to England by the Normans106
AxtelSource of all life135
BaldovinoA brave friend or protector66
BaldricA bold or princely ruler84
BartrandA bright raven96


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